About Us

Amber Waves of GrainThe vision to create ProCom, Inc. began in 1983 when two sister companies, both in the manufacturing industry, wanted to utilize call center services to increase their customer-base and boost sales. Upon incorporation in 1989, ProCom hit the ground running, seeking out other clients with great success. Initially, ProCom provided only outbound services, but soon began offering inbound customer service as well and today offers full-scale call-center services.

Located in southern Iowa, our two facilities house well over 100 seats, which allows for fluctuations in capacity while providing necessary redundancy.

We invite you to contact Shylea Kerns at shylea@procom-inc.com or by calling 800-433-9893 to learn more about how ProCom can increase your bottom line.


ProCom, Inc. has been servicing our customers for the past decade and has helped us to turn customer service from a cost center into a profit center, all while continually improving customer satisfaction. We have worked extensively with ProCom in all facets (inbound, outbound and customer service) on numerous projects and the direct correlation has substantially increased profitability and customer satisfaction. The leadership at ProCom is second to none, as their team provides professional and expert knowledge. We strongly recommend ProCom and quite frankly can’t imagine doing a project without them.   — Marketing Development Group